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"An integrated auxiliary of the Daniel Matthew Ecclesiastical College System"
 Bishop Larry L. Henderson, Volunteer Dean of Ecclesiastical Studies & College Church Prelate
This School is located within 28 local churches ( as listed below).
Our class started on November 1, 2022 (fall), Other classes will start on  March 4, 2022 (Spring), and June 6, 2022 (Summer)
To enroll into the Ecclesiastical Studies you will need to submit an application either by way of one of our local churches, to this department by e-mail, Admissions (admission@dmecs.org) or mail;
Daniel Matthew Ecclesiastical College
School of Ecclesiastical Studies
P.O. Box 24742
   Saint Louis, Missouri 63115
             (636) 224-6642         
                                                                    Department email: soes@dmecs.org

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