This school is house in many the local, State or Federal institutions to provide a early start to re-entry, while supporting each offenders, ex-offenders, the local religious order or jails, families, victims and the communities ecclesiastical outlook for occupational/marketable skills building to the Ex-offender, Offenders and their families.

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                                                       Vacant Until January 1, 2021, Dean

                                                   Brother R Lomack Bey, Associate Dean/Executive Director (Committee For Ex-Offenders Equality)

                                                               Daniel Matthew Ecclesiastical College

                                                           School of Institutional Studies

                                                       P.O. Box 24742

                                                         Saint Louis, Missouri 63115

The School of Institutional Studies is  an auxiliary of the Daniel Matthew Ecclesiastical College system (DMECS). And integrated auxiliary of the “World Council of the National Assembly of Churches ”Developed to support by providing ecclesiastical occupational & marketable skills for person held within our correctional centers. We do not provide any college credit to persons within correctional institutions. All programs are skill based for professional studies in the given field or ministry.

Your Ecclesiastical Occupational & Marketable Skills Builder for true Re-Entry Goals

 Testimonials Facts:

Educating those  within our Institutions

A 2014 study published by RAND Corporation, “How Effective is Correctional Education, and Where Do We Go from Here?”
Critically analyzes results across 267 empirical studies, performing what is called research “met analysis.”
1. 43% lower odds of recidivism than inmates who did not.
2.  Correctional education is a cost effective initiative rather than housing.