Envisioned on March 2, 1992 and incorporated in 2017, DANIEL MATHHEW ECCLESIASTICAL COLLEGE SYSTEM (DMECS)  was a major step in the life of three young and vigorous ministers. The idea originated out of the "World Council of the National Assembly of Churches, Inc." (WCNAC) and was (then) known as the Clearview Ministry Movement under the leadership of Elder Freddie Thompson (Beloved Late & Former Pastor of Nazareth Temple COGIC). This fellowship claimed a fresh vision of the will of God for the church. During his claims of the New Testament, he heard the call to holiness and saw a fresh understanding of the nature of the Church, from (Elder (Bishop) Elliot B. Coleman, Pastor of El-Bethel Temple Church). This vision pressed him toward a quest for ecclesiastical unity and the core faith of all religious orders.


What emerged were persons of pioneering spirit committed without reservation to the lordship of Jesus the Christ center and to the authoritative claims of scripture on community lives. While firmly planted in the mainstream of ecclesiastical theology, his quest was to find freedom from what he saw as artificial limitations of church structure and authoritative systems. So, the essence of true faith might be realized again, in its freshness and wholeness of students. The spirit of this movement toward freedom and joy was proclaimed in an early claim of this movement, "The Bible is the rule, my faith and Christ alone are the teacher of the people."


Since 1994 DANIEL MATHHEW ECCLESIASTICAL COLLEGE SYSTEM has grown to become a small, comprehensive College organized into nine schools: College of Ecclesiastical Music Studies; College of Ecclesiastical Business; College of Community Development Studies; College of Moorish Science Studies; College of Ecclesiastical Studies; College of Institutional Studies; College of Ecclesiastical Legal Studies; College of Health Service Ministry, and School of Theology & Ecclesiastical Ministry. Ecclesiastical graduate degrees are offered through the College of Ecclesiastical Business, School of Ecclesiastical Music, and the Seminary within the College of Ecclesiastical Studies (under our Theology & Ecclesiastical Ministry). The College is governed by a Board of Regions with members affirmed by the World Council of the National Assembly of Churches (WCNAC), administered by a college Bishop, the President and other officers and staffed by persons dedicated to the mission of Ecclesiastical higher education. The motivating vision is to be a premier teaching College that is ecclesiastical in purpose, in relationships, in service, and in the hopeful potential held for every learner, teacher, staff member, the local church and the student who make up our community.

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