Staff Member;

Open Positions, Dean of Caregivers Studies

  • Sister-Amelia Wilson, Assistant Dean of Studies (
  • Bishop E. Ellis, III,  Auxiliary Bishop of Hospitality & Ombudsmen Services (
  • Brother-Daniel Henderson, Program Developer & Caregiver (
  • Brother-D. Reed, Caregiver In Training (Day Time) (
  • Vacated Position. Caregiver (Manager &Trainer), (
  • Minister-A. Wallace, Caregiver (Over The Road) (,
  • Sister- L. Henderson, Caregiver (Medication)
  • G. Anderson, Caregiver (GCW-Floater)
  • Brother J. Tabor (PT-Caregiver)
There a host of other staff and team members (in addition to the students/caregivers) of the program. We honor them all for the service provided more than 28 states. All of the person list above are students in training and no caregiver is paid by the college, but under or by a program either administered by a State, private parties or other service agreements by the caregiver and the parties of which services are provided.

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