College of Ecclesiastical Technology Studies

"An integrated auxiliary of the Daniel Matthew Ecclesiastical College System"
Samuel Duncan, ll,  Acting Dean Emeritus, (Term Ended March 30, 2023)
                                           Mr. Timothy B. Robinson, ll, Dean (Deceased)
                                                 (August 4, 1979 to December 10, 2021)
                                              Phone: (636) 224-6642 Extension 1314
                                                             The new location of this College will be located in Mississippi.

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Let's not just be a part of history and meet the bar.Together, let's rewrite history and set the bar.

Established in 2010 as the Daniel Matthew Ecclesiastical Colleges' School of Information Technology's, with the ultimate goal to keep up with and exceed the expectations of the forever changing world of Information Technology to religious orders. Our courses are all in fashions with the IT community. We let you choose which field of IT you would like to work in. Although, our field is not solely based on certifications. What most people don't know is that with the correct certification(s) you have the opportunity to have and exceed a salary that you would have never imagined.. When someone thinks of Information Technology they tend to only think about computers. We focus on the field as a whole, which includes everything from smart phones, web design,, tablets, laptops, computers,  and much, much more. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at



Let's us not just be a part of history. Together, let's Rewrite History.


OPEN ENROLLMENT: start November 27, 2024 thru December 27, 2024

Third Class Starts, Tuesday, January 9, 2025

Note: Certificates and/or program certification program  start times may differ, please contact admission for these start dates.


 We live in a complex world and there is no better teacher than hands on experience, Which you will receive, as well as knowledge on how how individuals in the IT world act and re-act in a corporate environment.